The Most Popular Girls In School

The post that started it all.



One Direction ringtone.

“Hi! We’re One Direction!”

H: “Someone’s calling you! Answer your phone, unless you don’t like them, and then you can just pretend that you didn’t hear me…Which I would never do to anyone because that would be mean…Unless they smell.”

Louis: “woah! You’re popular! someone’s calling you, pick up your phone! C’mon, I’m a busy guy. I can’t hang around inside your phone during ringtones all day. Answer it!”

N: “Ye’ gotta help me, I’m stuck inside your phone! Answer it to set me free! Hurry! It’s stuffy in here!”

Liam: “You’re annoying everybody now, answer your phone. Pick up the pho- Pick up the..Pick it up! Um, Pick it up now! get it!

Z: “this is the most annoying ringtone ever.”

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